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Trying To Avoid Being Over-scheduled, But Wanting To Do Everything!

So far, I’ve decided to have my class participate in: Quadblogging (Sept.-Dec.), the Global Read Aloud (Sept. 30-Nov. 8) NaNoWriMo (Nov. 1-30), and Genius Hour (no specified dates).  I also talked with some teachers in #4thchat on Twitter about the possibility of science Skype sessions, and I’d like to set up some Skype times with other classes in my state since our social studies topic is our state’s history, people, and culture.

Here’s the thing though: I’m trying to avoid putting too much on my plate, especially since I’m going to be in a new school and a new grade.  As a result, I’m thinking of postponing Genius Hour and Science/Social Studies Skype in my room until after winter break.  We may manage to schedule a few Skype sessions here and there in the first half of the school year, but I probably won’t schedule them with any regularity until the second half of the year.  Yes, we’ll still blog, have read alouds, and write after all these events end for the year, but there will be less urgency to stick to a set schedule for them, and so I think our schedule will be a little looser.  I plan to put the idea of Genius Hour out there to my students sometime in December, so they have winter break to let ideas percolate, and come back in January ready to start pretty early in the month.

On a more personal note as far as goals go, I plan to take this year to get my feet under me after so much change, and hopefully begin working towards National Boards Certification the following school year, or the year after that at the latest.  Bottom line is I want to finish my third year in this new district with a completed portfolio submitted for National Board Certification, if not sooner.  It’s something I’ve been interested in doing for years, but I’ve spent the last six years at a charter school where a) I wasn’t eligible for any pay increase for being a NBCT, and b) I think that also made me ineligible for the state loan to cover the costs.  With that being the case, I put the idea aside for awhile.  Now that I’m rejoining the regular school districts, I’m looking to work on them as soon as I feel confident enough in my new school and grade level.

I’d love to hear what exciting things you have brewing in your classrooms for the coming year!

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